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We design and build digital ecosystems that blend mobile apps, IoT and SaaS platforms, empowering property managers, Real Estate developers and residents

To us, a house is more than a roof. And a community is more than a mere set of houses. Communities are complex ecosystems that can inspire a new style of inclusive, cost-effective, and connected living.

Planet Digital pursues the discovery, development, and integration of world-class digital services, delivered via SaaS solutions and mobile applications, that enhance residents’ user experience and enable new revenue streams for Real Estate developers and management companies.

We aim to enhance our residents’ lives globally while also transforming and improving Real Estate operators’ work. Achieving both aims through a technological revolution of the built environment and community development.

Platforms and applications
For residents

Digital solutions that improve the lifestyle of our clients around the world.

Third-party developers

A suite of B2B software, covering from the BIM phase to post-sales solutions.

For facility managers

Powerful digital infrastructure, energy, and operations management tools.

Our portfolio of solutions can accelerate your digital transformation and benefit stakeholders from planning to delivery and beyond
Our services and capabilities

How we impact Real Estate projects and help you achieve your goals.

Infrastructure management Apps
Digital platforms that can handle the essentials for whole communities.
Smart home software
Property Manager and Resident Apps that can interact with smart home products.
Retrofitting smart solutions
Introduce your own digital platform to existing or new developments.
Community development platforms
Build up your community with easy-to-use apps and user-friendly platforms.
Proptech integration
Integrate the latest tech-infused items into Real Estate projects, seamlessly.
Energy management solutions
Real-time data for property stakeholders with a resident app for utilities monitoring.

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From project planning to property management, our solutions allow you to take your Real Estate project to the next level.

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