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We co-invest, develop, and build high-quality smart homes at affordable prices, worldwide.

Inclusive, accessible, connected living

Globally, 1.6 Billion people live in overcrowded, unaffordable or unsuitable homes. A housing deficit that will increase further as urbanization drives up demand for new housing units. The cities of tomorrow will be inhabited by increasingly interconnected and sustainability-conscious citizens who will consider embedded technology and smart solutions indispensable in their homes. In the future, Prop-tech and ESG will change the Real Estate market more and more, creating opportunities for companies that can develop real estate formats in line with these emerging trends.

Our mission is to co-invest, develop and build large-scale smart projects with integrated services at affordable prices. We offer a revolutionary user experience that improves residents' quality of life: Places that matter enabled by technology in which the home is no longer limited to a physical place, but embraces a whole community, inhabiting an inclusive smart city that is economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable.

Planet’s Approach
Real Estate
2 Real Estate formats

replicable and recognizable, optimized to integrate Proptech and ESG, maintaining pricing in line with local affordable housing policies.

180+ smart solutions

including digital services, sustainability and social inclusion solutions selected and devised for the affordable housing segment.

Community managers

working with residents to promote the use of smart solutions, events, and call for ideas by generating data and insights consolidated in our digital platform.

integrated with a digital platform to foster relationships among residents and convey our products and services post sales.

Real Estate formats

Planet has created 2 housing formats optimized to integrate smart solutions while keeping the price in line with local affordable housing policies. The formats are adapted to topical practices and adapted to the size and type of development - vertical or horizontal - with a standard package of smart solutions and services to nurture the community.

Our global footprint

6 target countries selected for their demographic and economic characteristics and the presence of an established market for affordable housing.

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How we’re transforming Real Estate projects

Sustainable, inclusive, tech enabled.


We develop long-term alliances with our Partners, growing the collaboration over time with joint initiatives on new and expanding projects. Our Partners are Real Estate developers with strong knowledge in the affordable housing segment and a solid track record in delivering affordable housing units and projects under development compatible with our Real Estate formats. Planet bolsters the projects further with its co-equity investment and expertise in the integration of Proptech and ESG principles in large-scale affordable housing projects worldwide, at affordable prices with minimal impact on margins.

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What we’re looking for
Our Partners' credentials:
  • Established expertise in the affordable housing market with 1000-3000 housing units delivered in the last 3 years.
  • Market knowledge and access to the best land for developing large-scale affordable housing projects.
  • Experience managing local real estate permitting processes to ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • Experience in dealing with local banks, which play a key role in issuing mortgages to buyers.
  • Local sales force with sales channels to ensure an efficient sales process.
Advantages of the Planet formula for a Partner:
  • Lower capital requirements due to co-equity investment with Planet.
  • Improved IRR thanks to faster sales resulting from more attractive positioning than to competitors.
  • Digital platform and value-added services integrated into the Real Estate project at the same price as competitors.
  • 350+ professionals in the Competence Center with multidisciplinary skills (ESG, proptech, architectural, engineering) serving the project.
  • Local and national appreciation from authorities and citizens obtaining political and social consensus.
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