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The market challenge
Smart irrigation System
The market challenge
Planet Forward is a Strategic Sustainability Accelerator pioneering an integrated, systems-based approach to inspire and mobilize changemakers towards more profitable and impactful real estate investments.

Organizations are urged to demonstrate positive impact and resilience while managing risks. This requires integrated action, driven by digital innovation, community engagement, and environmental focus. Planet Forward can help accelerate your journey towards strategic sustainability with the compliance it commands and the benefits it brings.

Water Footprint reduction
Our methods allows us to converge rainwater harvesting and smart sprinklers to reduce water footprint.

A smart irrigation system with tech-enabled water dispersion has already helped residents at Smart City Laguna save water and keep their urban gardens green. Learn more about our smart solutions in action by visiting our projects page.

Sustainability Master Planning is the distinctive way we guide and enable forward-thinking organizations to understand and acquire the necessary capabilities, materials, processes, and results to meet evolving goals that drive financial, social and environmental success. With Planet, your experienced peers in the sector, you can achieve desired outcomes faster through a collaborative approach to sustainability and innovation.
From Idea to Impact
Sustainable Solutions for Real Estate Projects

We have a strong experience in creating science-based approaches to assess and analyze the sustainable viability of real estate and development projects through use of proprietary quantitative methods. A multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, advisors, proptech specialists, and innovation thought leaders support stakeholders to gain a competent and competitive proactivity, ensuring impactful results at each stage. Such impact is driven by crafting agile spaces that can foster relationships, wellbeing, and savings, while making the built environment more accessible, resilient, and valuable.

Sustainable Solutions Graphic
Turning impact to outcomes

Sustainability is not a trend or tactic but a strategy leading to interconnected outcomes.

As experts in investment, development, construction, advisory, digital proptech, innovation and its integration, we understand your needs and can provide the knowledge and agility to adopt relevant options and take decisive actions.

Seize today’s and tomorrow’s most relevant real estate opportunities and make the critical property, portfolio, market and monetization decisions that matter most.

Due diligence assessment, ratings, scores, certifications, classifications, digital transformation
Resilience rationalization, Stakeholder alignment, Climate responsiveness, Occupant behavior modification, Emergency reactiveness & first-responder integration, Structural & seismic integrity analysis and retrofitting.
Market Differentiation, Occupant attractiveness, Enhanced user experience, Opportunity cost avoidance, Digital naturalization of users, Internationalization and market segment relevance, Open innovation access.
Placemaking, Digital transformation, Early adoption & first mover advantage, Thematic evolution, Community & environmental regeneration, AI integration, Advanced solutions for proptech, contech, martech & fintech.

Leveraging the experience of Planet Smart City - an affordable housing, smart complex developer and proptech company specialized in creating places that matter - Planet Forward helps to strategize and implement inspiring, efficient, and high-performance urban projects ranging from basic building improvement measures to complete smart cities. With a multidisciplinary approach merging technology, digitalization of services, and engaging social innovation programs, we integrate more than 500 smart solutions, both products and services. As the dedicated future-focused think tank within the company, Planet Forward advances continuous creation and research on the latest findings, materials, methodologies, and monetization methods to further implement and expand this vision helping our clients and the world to benefit from better real estate.

Susannah Stewart
Susannah Stewart
CISO - Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer
Luca Giacosa
Luca Massimo Giacosa
CEO – Chief Executive Officer