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We have experimented with our innovative approach through the replicable and scalable models we apply to our own Smart Cities and Districts. We advise third-party developers via our consultancy services to future-proof the real estate projects of tomorrow with a special focus on proptech and ESG.
While we have an affordable housing focus for our Real Estate development activities, our know-how, and multidisciplinary approach can be tailored to all kinds of projects.

Smart integration

Acquire expert feasibility studies to gain a new layer of innovation for each project.

Smart implementation

Take advantage of step-by-step consulting to transform every vision into reality.


Access the expertise found within our Competence Centre to obtain project-defining assessments.

Tenders and competitions

Use our targeted knowledge to propose trailblazing solutions that make a difference.

Action plan for smart cities

Achieve in-depth reports that help municipalities reshape the cities of tomorrow.

How we’re transforming Real Estate projects

Sustainable, inclusive, tech-enabled.

REDO Merezzate
Quartiere Giardino – Vivere Smart
Smart House Saluzzo 43
Smart City Plan for Salerno
Award-winning engineering and architecture firm acquired in 2022
  • 107 people
  • 47% architects
  • 41% engineers
Politecna Europa is an award-winning engineering and architecture company founded by Luca Massimo Giacosa and Pietro Putetto, specialising in integrated planning and design for the built environment across every level of construction.
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Our world-class Competence Centre is focused on delivering expertise on ESG principles, architectural knowledge, and Proptech solutions – for Planet’s projects and third-party developers alike. Its role is to innovate and monitor best practices from around the world so we can learn and apply them with a format-oriented approach.

Located in Turin, Italy, our centre consists of a diverse group of more than 350 architects, engineers, sociologists, communicators, digital experts, and urban planners. By combining their multidisciplinary know-how and expertise, we develop new solutions across our four core areas of development to create more socially inclusive, enriching communities: Planning and architecture, Social innovation, Technological systems and Environment.

The multidisciplinary experts of our Competence Centre are at the heart of Planet Smart City, bringing about a convergence of the physical, digital, and natural world that influence the work we do throughout our global organisation.

Why adopt a smart
approach in Real
Partner with residents to create a collaborative and inclusive community, enhancing the quality and quantity of their interactions. Keep your residents constantly informed and manage their requests with the provision, adoption, and co-creation of solutions with an economic and social impact.
Create an eco-friendly and sustainable environment, easily monitor the status of the infrastructure, detect problems, and intervene quickly. Plan maintenance work, ensure that every facility works well, and guarantee a safe place to live.
Save money, time, and resources by tracking all consumptions. Keep the condominium expenses and fees under control, manage all the shared spaces, and provide a clearer and better organised flow of information for residents.

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