• Location: Milan
  • Country: Italy
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Quartiere Giardino – Vivere Smart

Transforming the concept of neighbourhood living

  • An urban regeneration project in brownfield, in Italy
  • Developed by Palladium Group
  • Residential complex surrounded by greenery south-west of Milan, in the municipality of Cesano Boscone. The residences are divided into 4 fenced blocks called ‘Boschi’, for a total of 26 buildings. The buildings, of 7 or 9 storeys, are surrounded by large green spaces with internal pedestrian walkways. The residential complex is connected to the metro line by an efficient public transport system.
The project was deployed in 2018
Feasibility delivery in 2018
Solutions implemented in 2018 - 2023
App live in 2019
Implemented solutions
Built Environment
Ecosystem Resources
Technological Systems
Access control
Air quality monitoring system
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Book sharing
Car sharing
Community app
Community composting
Community manager
Community space for workshops, courses and social activities
Data collection and management
Digital bulletin board
Fitness equipment area
Free Wi-Fi
Fun theory
Guidelines for responsible behaviour
Innovation Hub
Interactive totem
Optimised irrigation system
Recharging stations for electric vehicles
Remotely controlled video intercom
Shared living spaces
Shared storage spaces
Sharing community services
Smart bench
Smart gym
Smart lighting
Smart lock
Urban gardens
Biomass energy plant
Cogeneration and trigeneration systems
Pedestrian accessibility to services
Separated waste collection area
Video monitoring system
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