• Location: Salerno
  • Country: Italy
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Smart City Plan for Salerno

The first Smart City Plan

  • The Smart City Plan for Salerno is a programmatic document, a voluntary tool – non-implementing and non-institutionalised – that relates to the Municipal Authority of Salerno as a local legal entity with appropriate structure and administrative functions to its characteristics and scope
  • The thematic approach of setting and planning the smart city’s political actions is structured ‘by policy axes’, defining six themes: environment, mobility, citizenship, economy, government and political participation, and quality of life
  • The project has been made possible thanks to the Municipality of Salerno. Easygov has been our partner for mobility and governance.
The project was deployed in 2023
Feasibility delivery in 2023
Implemented solutions
Built Environment
Ecosystem Resources
Technological Systems
Air quality monitoring system
Bike path network
Bike sharing
Book sharing
Business incubator
Car sharing
Cinema area
Community app
Community bulletin board
Community manager
Community space for workshops, courses and social activities
Courses and activities to foster responsible behaviour
Coworking space
Data collection and management
Digital District Handbook
Digitised systems for waste collection
Drone surveying
Energy accumulator
Film events organisation
Flood detection system
Formation of community leaders
Free Wi-Fi
Gift and exchange bazaar
Green area management by private sector
Green area management by schools
Green roof
Guidelines for Healthy Nutrition
Guidelines for Reducing Energy Consumption
Guidelines for Responsible Water Consumption
Guidelines for Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling
Guidelines for the Reduction of Food Waste
Horizontal and vertical signs
Innovation Hub
Intelligent bus shelter
Interactive narrative trails
Interactive totem
Lounge area
Micropayment services
Nowcasting system
Open design lab
Optimised irrigation system
Permeable paving
Personal data protection
Photovoltaic system
Playground design
Pop-up market
Public transport with low environmental impact
Rain gauge
Recharging stations for electric vehicles
Reduction of light pollution
Remotely controlled thermal system
Satellite surveying
Seismic detectors
Separated waste collection area
Sharing card
Smart air conditioning meter
Smart electricity meter
Smart lighting
Smart parking
Smart pedestrian crossing
Smart water meter
Solar light with accumulators
Access control
Bike box
Bike path network
Bike sharing
Biomass energy plant
Community composting
Community space for workshops, courses and social activities
Courses and activities to foster responsible behaviour
Coworking space
Energy efficiency consultancy
Innovation Hub
Naturalistic engineering
On-site plant cultivation
Photovoltaic system
Separated waste collection area
Smart lighting
Video monitoring system
Waste management and recycling
Wired connectivity
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