• Location: Rovereto, Trento
  • Country: Italy
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Housing opportunities for young adults and families

  • Situated in the city of Rovereto
  • The project paid particular attention to the social function, creating a reconnection between two parts of the city that had always been divided by the demolished industrial estate, which, thanks also to the design of a large public park, made it possible to increase social relations between citizens and new inhabitants and to dedicate spaces to entertainment and relaxation
  • Access roads to private and public areas ensure greater accessibility and usability of spaces. The existing roads have been landscaped and equipped with bicycle lanes, pavements, and bus stops also to promote sustainable mobility
  • The project has been made possible thanks to the sensibility of the Fondo Housing Sociale Trentino, managed by Finint Investments SGR, which acquired the two buildings on completion. Planet Smart City has been responsible for integrating the smart layer within the project.
The project was deployed in 2022
Feasibility delivery in 2020
Solutions implemented in 2022 - 2023
App live in 2023
Implemented solutions
Built Environment
Ecosystem Resources
Technological Systems
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Bike repair column
Community app
Community drinking water dispenser
Events Area
Free Wi-Fi
Fun theory
Horizontal and vertical signs
Optimised irrigation system
Recharging stations for electric vehicles
Smart bench
Smart lock
Urban gardens
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