• Location: São Gonçalo do Amarante, Ceará
  • Country: Brazil
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Smart City Laguna

The world’s first affordable smart city

from 150 to 300 sqm
  • Located in São Gonçalo do Amarante, gravitating near the city of Fortaleza, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Ceará
  • Its location is ideal for local workers looking for high-quality, affordable housing close to the port of Pecém, an industrial area providing thousands of jobs to the region
  • Laguna’s proximity to the BR-222 highway also offers easy access to one of Brazil’s fastest-growing regions.
Launched in 2015
Construction currently at 82% as of Q1 2024
Next update Q2 2024
Project completion estimated in Q3 2025
Implemented solutions
Built Environment
Ecosystem Resources
Technological Systems
Air quality monitoring system
Alarm system*
Anti-trauma materials
Bike path network
Bike sharing
Book sharing
Cinema area
Community app
Community bulletin board
Community composting
Community manager
Community space for workshops, courses and social activities
Construction site pre-greening
Coworking space
Drought resistant plants
Fitness equipment area
Flood prevention measures
Formation of community leaders
Free Wi-Fi (Hub only)
Fun theory
Functional mix design
Guidelines for responsible behaviour
Health corner
Innovation Hub
Interactive totem
Lounge area
Microhabitats for local fauna
Mobility network hierarchy
Native plant species
Nowcasting system
On-site plant cultivation
Pedestrian path network
Permeable paving
Personal safety device
Playground design
Pop-up market
Remotely controlled electrical system*
Separated waste collection area
Sewing lab
Shared living spaces
Sharing community services
Shopping centre
Shopping street
Smart bench
Smart gym
Smart lighting
Smart lock*
Social kitchen
Solar bricks
Sports centre
Sustainable management and planning of the construction site
Traffic calming zone
Underground electrical distribution network infrastructure
Urban gardens
Video monitoring system (Hub only)
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