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Ever thought of an intelligent energy management solution?

Introducing intelligent energy transformation with Planet Smart City and EOT, an end-to-end solution to redefine and simplify how to manage energy in buildings

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Energy management
Become a proactive energy manager

Developed by a team of experts in the energy sector, the solution is comprised of a cloud-based management platform for the energy manager and a mobile app for residents, offering distinct benefits in three areas.

smart management
Automated multi-utility consumption data collection with data quality & cleansing engine for maximum data reliability.
smart economics
Real-time energy cost calculations for up-to-date view of budget and impacts.
Smart Sustainability
Insights and gamification for property managers and residents to reduce their environmental impact.

Our solution
Active Energy Management for Multiple Scenarios

Smart Energy simplifies energy management for districts, buildings, offices and Renewable Energy Communities.


Mobile app for smart districts to enhance engagement and to foster behavioral change.

Planet App phone
EoT platform

Cloud-based platform to collect, validate, and store data centrally, with real-time view of usage, costs, and impacts.

Planet App laptop
How it works
Improve your district with real data
Optimize energy with real data from sensors and meters for efficient management.
Digital twin configuration and activation of modelling, data quality monitoring and analytics features
Real-time access to actionable data insights on desktop or mobile app platforms
Activation of optimization and energy efficiency actions, based on analysis and simulations
PLanet App
For Who
Features for every use case
Condominium Administators
  • Real-time view of energy consumption
  • Automatic breakdown of costs
  • Constant monitoring of budget
  • Consumption anomaly detection
  • Real time bill calculation
  • Day-by-day data view
  • Access to tips on usage optimization
  • Insights on comsumption and habits 
Property Managers
  • Updated view of energy consumption
  • Real time cost monitoring
  • Easy and transparent communication with residents
  • Simulation and optimization of efficiency enhancement projects
ESG Manager
  • ­Easy data and KPI export
  • Social impact through mobile app for residents
  • Monitoring of smart solution usage
  • SDGs impact monitoring
Energy Manager
  • Updated view of energy data of the entire district
  • Various data output capabilities
  • Easy simulation of efficiency enhancements
  • Consumption reduction through resident engagement
Facility Manager
  • Data quality monitoring 
  • Maintenance ticketing for optimized data management
  • Updated view of HVAC system status and efficiency
  • Detailed insights on correlations and optimizations

Success stories
Transforming Real Estate with digital solutions

Choose the easy way to manage energy and optimize efficiency, and improve your life and our planet.

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