Modular platform for Property Management

Designed to enhance tenant retention and the reputation of the real estate project.

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Modular platform for Property Management

Transform your district

How our products are improving the lives of residents around the globe.

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Families engaged

80% of the families living in our districts use our product.

Unique modules

10 modules to create and manage your district at need.

Amenities adoption

Residents are more eager to use the district’s smart solutions.

Downloads worldwide

More than 13.000 downloads across the globe.

Three parts to control your district

Through its SaaS digital platform, Planet provides an entire infrastructure management solution, allowing users to access and interact with intelligent solutions.

Back office

Used to manage the app's content and for the administration of the facility and its functions.


Azure Cloud-based infrastructure with features such as databases and IoT, allowing for modular project configuration and third-party integration.

Mobile app

Facilitate user interaction with real estate services, improving engagement, efficiency, reputation, and enabling ESG data collection.

Control your district


Everything you need to know about the product. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact our team.

What is Planet App?
Planet App, a "Proptech" solution, facilitates the adoption of innovative solutions to enhance loyalty and reputation in real estate projects. Comprising Back Office, Back End, and App, it provides content management, Cloud infrastructure, and user interaction with services and community.
Where can I find the Planet App?
The app is available for free on Android and iOS. Once downloaded, it is recommended to log in to your real estate project.
How long does it take to integrate Planet App into my real estate project?
The app can be integrated and deployed within 3 weeks. Each real estate project has its own Back Office and Back End. We also provide training for all management involved in the administration.
What are amenities?
The Amenities are the services provided by the real estate project, such as common areas or personal services. They can be requested and booked through the application, which serves as the front end, and managed by the management through the Back Office.
What is the Digital Key?
It is the alphanumeric code provided by the manager to the resident, which once entered into the app, will certify the user as a resident in a specific apartment. The Digital Key allows unlocking functions dedicated to residents, such as booking amenities.
How many profiles can I create per household?
By sharing the Digital Key with your family members, you can assist them in certifying themselves as residents, and it is at your discretion to forward it to all users whom you deem useful.
Which amenities can I manage with Planet App?
All common areas, common space equipment such as chairs, tables, audio/video equipment, gym stations, smart working stations, items available in the object library, and all personal services offered for your community of residents.

Upgrade your district

From project planning to property management, our solutions allow you to take your real estate project to the next level.

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Property Care
Base module
Property Care
Decrease costs, empower communication between Property Managers and Residents​.
Manage user roles and permissions
Setup custom notifications and register history
Generate QR code guided content
SOS button and emergency contacts
Reports and property insights
Community Engagement
Base module
Community Engagement
Increase retention and reputation of RE project, empower relationship between Residents​.
Shared Calendar
Tenant Contact Book
Social Media Integration
Polls & Surveys
We integrate third-party apps and platforms to offer unique and beneficial services to residents.
Lifestyle Services
Access Control
Access Control
To facilitate access to public and private spaces, the module regulates the terms, conditions, and permissions.
Smart Access
Virtual Key
Pass Management
Common Area Management
Smartphone Booking
To reduce the cost of handling residents' requests to the concierge, ensuring fast and flawless customer service
Multiservice Selection
Dedicated Phone Number
Live Chat
Direct Email
Facility Care
Facility Care
Help maintenance teams organize work, connect information and obtain critical data to improve performance.
Process Management
Warehouse Management
Activities Planning
Asset and Building Management
KPI Monitoring
Energy management
Base module
Energy Management
Our IoT cloud-based end-to-end solution to redefine and simplify how to manage energy in buildings.
Energy monitoring
Real time cost visualization
Thermostat control
Flexible data integrations
Discover more
Solution Hub
Solution Hub
To enhance the value of amenities, the module facilitates the adoption of innovative solutions.
Handbook of smart solutions
Library of things
Booking engine
Smart solution editor
Help Desk
Help Desk
Empower communication between Facility Managers and Residents.
Ticket Register
Visitors and Parcel
Cost Overview
Cost Overview
Reduces property management costs and allows viewing the balance of condominium expenses and flow.
Condominium Expenses on Budget
Final Condominium Expenses
Personal Balance