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Property Care
Features Remarks
Offices Setup Enables users to configure and manage multiple office locations within the platform, facilitating streamlined operations across different geographical areas. This feature allows for customization of office details, including address, contact information, and operational hours.
Roles & Permissions Provides a comprehensive system for assigning roles and permissions to users, ensuring secure access control. Administrators can tailor access rights for each role, from viewing specific data to managing entire sections of the platform, enhancing security and operational efficiency.
Analytics Offers detailed insights and data analytics on property management activities, including occupancy rates, financial performance, and tenant satisfaction. This feature supports informed decision-making through customizable reports and dashboards.
Custom notifications Allows for the creation and management of personalized notification settings to keep users informed about important events, updates, or reminders. This feature ensures timely communication tailored to the specific needs of different users or groups.
Notification register Acts as a central repository for all notifications sent within the platform, enabling users to search, view, and manage notifications history. This feature ensures that no important information is missed and enhances record-keeping.
Content Tagging Facilitates the organization and retrieval of digital content through the use of tags. Users can label documents, images, and other files with keywords, making it easier to find and categorize information related to property management.
QR codes Integrates QR code generation and scanning capabilities, simplifying access to properties, documents, or specific sections of the app. This feature enhances security and convenience by enabling quick and easy verification processes.
Expenses manager Provides tools for tracking and managing expenses related to property management, including repairs, maintenance, and utilities. This feature supports budgeting, expense approval workflows, and financial reporting, contributing to efficient financial oversight.
Community Engagement
Features Remarks
Shared Calendar A collaborative tool that allows users to view, add, and manage events related to property management, such as lease renewals, maintenance schedules, and community meetings. This feature promotes organization and ensures all stakeholders are informed of important dates.
Tenant Contact Book Acts as a centralized database for storing and accessing contact information of tenants. It simplifies communication by providing quick access to phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant details, enhancing tenant management and relations.
Groups Enables the creation of specific groups within the platform for different user types or interests, such as tenants, maintenance staff, or property owners. This feature facilitates targeted communication and collaboration, improving the efficiency of property management tasks.
Social Media Integration Allows for seamless connection and sharing of information between the platform and popular social media channels. This feature enhances marketing efforts for property listings and fosters community engagement among tenants and stakeholders.
Polls & Surveys Provides tools for creating and distributing polls and surveys to collect feedback from users on various topics, including satisfaction, service improvements, and community initiatives. This feature aids in making data-driven decisions and improving tenant satisfaction.
Search and Offer A marketplace feature that enables users to search for available properties and make offers directly through the platform. It streamlines the leasing process, making it easier for tenants to find suitable properties and for owners to fill vacancies efficiently.
Content Reaction Allows users to interact with content posted on the platform by using reactions, such as likes, dislikes, or custom emojis. This feature encourages engagement and provides insights into the content's reception and impact.
Post Editing Offers users the ability to edit their posts after publishing, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the information shared. This feature supports content management and maintains the quality of communications within the platform.
Post Approval/Rejection Implements a moderation system where posts can be reviewed and approved or rejected by administrators before they are made public. This feature maintains the integrity of the platform, preventing inappropriate content and ensuring that posts align with community standards.
Features Remarks
Foodtech Foodtech encompasses the use of technology and innovation to improve food production, distribution, and consumption. This sector aims to enhance efficiency and sustainability in the food industry, offering solutions ranging from online food ordering and delivery platforms to agricultural tech that optimizes crop yield. It also includes the development of alternative proteins and food sustainability initiatives, aiming to address global food challenges.
Fintech Fintech, or financial technology, refers to the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies to improve their use and delivery to consumers. It includes a broad range of applications, such as mobile banking, peer-to-peer payment platforms, and cryptocurrency. Fintech seeks to make financial services more accessible, faster, and cost-effective, transforming traditional banking, investment, and insurance services.
Insurtech Insurtech is a subset of fintech focusing on the innovation and technological advancement within the insurance industry. It uses technology to streamline and improve the efficiency of insurance services, including underwriting, claims processing, and risk assessment. Insurtech aims to enhance customer experience, reduce costs, and offer personalized insurance products through data analysis, artificial intelligence, and digital platforms.
Healtech Healthtech, or healthcare technology, involves the use of technologies to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. It encompasses a wide range of applications, from telemedicine and wearable health monitors to advanced diagnostics and personalized medicine. Healthtech aims to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and personalized, leveraging digital health records, mobile apps, and AI-driven analysis for better health management and care.
Lifestyle Services Lifestyle services technology focuses on enhancing the quality of life and personal experience through innovative services and products. This broad category includes platforms and applications for fitness and wellness, personal finance management, home automation, entertainment, and personal productivity. By integrating technology into everyday activities, lifestyle services aim to promote convenience, wellness, and enjoyment in personal and family life.
Access Control
Features Remarks
Smart Access Enables secure, keyless entry to properties using smart technology. Users can unlock doors and access controlled areas using smartphones, key fobs, or biometric verification, enhancing security and convenience for both property managers and occupants.
Virtual Key A digital alternative to traditional physical keys, allowing users to gain access to locked spaces via a smartphone app. Virtual keys can be shared electronically, offering flexibility for temporary access and simplifying the management of access permissions.
Pass Management A system designed to issue, track, and manage access passes, streamlining the process of granting temporary or permanent access to visitors, contractors, and employees. It enhances security by monitoring and recording pass usage.
Common Area Management Facilitates the reservation and usage monitoring of shared spaces within a property, such as meeting rooms, amenities, and facilities. This feature ensures efficient utilization of common areas and improves the tenant experience through easy booking systems.
Smartphone Booking Enables users to book amenities, services, or resources directly from their smartphones. This feature offers convenience and flexibility, allowing for real-time reservations and adjustments to bookings.
Multisite Centralized Management Provides a unified platform for overseeing operations across multiple properties or sites from a single dashboard. It streamlines administrative tasks, data analysis, and communication, improving efficiency for property managers with diverse portfolios.
Custom GDPR Settings Allows organizations to configure their data handling practices in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This feature ensures that personal data is processed lawfully, transparently, and securely, protecting the privacy rights of individuals.
Single Location Reception A centralized reception service that manages visitor check-ins, deliveries, and inquiries for a property or a group of properties from a single point, enhancing operational efficiency and providing a unified experience for visitors and tenants.
Real Time Authorizations Instantly processes and grants access permissions based on predefined criteria, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter specific areas. This feature supports enhanced security and operational control.
Multi-Level Key Offers a hierarchical system of access permissions, enabling different levels of access for users based on their role, clearance, or requirements. This feature allows for fine-tuned control over access within complex environments, ensuring security and flexibility.
Features Remarks
Multiservice Selection Allows users to browse and select from a variety of services offered on the platform, catering to different needs or preferences. This feature enables a customized experience by letting users choose multiple services at once, streamlining the process of obtaining the services they need.
Rules Offers the capability to set and manage rules that govern the use of the platform or specific services. This could include eligibility criteria, service usage policies, or automated actions based on user activity. Implementing rules ensures that the platform operates smoothly and in accordance with set guidelines.
Dedicated Phone Number Provides users with a dedicated phone line for support or inquiries, ensuring direct access to assistance when needed. This feature enhances customer service by offering a personalized and immediate response to users' needs, fostering trust and reliability.
Live Chat Integrates a live chat function into the platform, allowing users to communicate in real-time with support staff or customer service representatives. This feature facilitates quick resolution of inquiries or issues, providing a convenient and efficient support channel for users.
Direct Email Enables users to contact the platform or service provider directly via email. This feature offers a straightforward method for sending detailed inquiries, feedback, or requests, ensuring that users can communicate effectively with the organization at their convenience.
Facility Care
Features Remarks
Process Management Streamlines and automates business processes to enhance efficiency and reduce manual errors. This feature allows for the design, execution, and monitoring of business workflows, ensuring that operations are conducted smoothly and in line with organizational policies and objectives.
Warehouse Management Offers a suite of tools for optimizing the storage, movement, and tracking of goods within a warehouse. It includes functionalities for inventory control, order fulfillment, and layout planning, ensuring that products are stored efficiently and can be located and moved promptly to meet demand.
Activities Planning Facilitates the scheduling and coordination of tasks, projects, and events. This feature enables managers to allocate resources effectively, set deadlines, and monitor progress, ensuring that activities are planned and executed efficiently to meet organizational goals.
Asset and Building Management Provides a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets and real estate, including maintenance schedules, utilization tracking, and financial management. It aims to maximize asset lifespan and ROI, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance the operational efficiency of building management.
KPI Monitoring Enables the tracking and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the organization's strategic goals. This feature offers real-time insights into performance metrics, helping managers make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and measure the impact of strategic initiatives.
Energy Management
Features Remarks
Energy monitoring Allows for the continuous tracking of energy usage across various devices and systems, enabling users to identify consumption patterns, detect inefficiencies, and make informed decisions to reduce energy waste and lower costs.
Real time cost visualization Provides instant visualization of energy costs in real-time, linking consumption data directly to financial impact. This feature empowers users with the ability to monitor spending on energy and adjust usage patterns to optimize cost savings.
Thermostat control Offers remote and automated control over heating and cooling systems, allowing users to set and adjust temperatures according to preferences and schedules. This enhances comfort while improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.
Gamification Incorporates game-like elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards to engage and motivate users to participate in energy-saving activities. This feature fosters a culture of conservation and competition, encouraging users to adopt more sustainable behaviors.
Flexible data integrations Enables seamless integration with various data sources and systems, allowing for the aggregation and analysis of energy data from multiple inputs. This flexibility ensures comprehensive monitoring and management of energy consumption across different platforms and devices.
District modeling Allows for the simulation and analysis of energy usage on a district or community level, providing insights into collective consumption patterns and efficiency opportunities. This feature supports the planning and implementation of large-scale energy optimization strategies.
Data cleansing Automatically identifies and corrects inaccuracies in energy consumption data, ensuring that analytics and reporting are based on reliable and accurate information. This improves the quality of insights derived from energy data and supports better decision-making.
Real cost conversion Converts energy usage data into actual cost figures, considering various factors such as tariffs, taxes, and subsidies. This feature provides a clearer understanding of financial implications, aiding in budgeting and cost management efforts.
What-if scenarios Enables the simulation of various energy management strategies to predict their potential impact on consumption and costs. This feature allows users to explore different scenarios and make data-driven decisions to optimize energy usage.
Improvement modeling Offers tools to model and forecast the benefits of energy efficiency improvements, such as retrofitting buildings or upgrading equipment. This helps in planning investments in energy conservation measures by projecting cost savings and environmental impacts.
Solution Hub
Features Remarks
Handbook of smart solutions A comprehensive digital repository that provides detailed information, guidelines, and best practices on a wide range of smart solutions, including IoT devices, energy-saving technologies, and smart home systems. This handbook serves as a valuable resource for users looking to implement or learn about smart technologies.
Library of things A curated collection of items, tools, and equipment available for borrowing or renting. This library enables users to access a variety of resources without the need to purchase them, promoting a sharing economy and reducing waste.
Booking engine A robust platform feature that facilitates the scheduling and reservation of resources, services, or facilities. This engine supports real-time availability checks, reservation customization, and automated confirmation notifications, streamlining the booking process for users.
Payments Integrated payment processing that allows for secure, fast, and convenient transactions within the platform. This feature supports various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers, enabling easy settlements for bookings, rentals, or purchases.
Smart solution editor A user-friendly interface that allows users to create, configure, and customize smart solutions. This editor provides tools and templates for designing IoT applications, automations, and smart home setups, enabling personalized smart environments.
Smart solution booking A specialized booking system designed for reserving smart solutions or services, such as home automation consultations, IoT device installations, or smart city tours. This feature simplifies the process of scheduling smart technology experiences or services.
Tools editor Provides a platform for users to add, modify, or manage tools and resources within the Library of Things. This editor includes categorization, description, and condition reporting functionalities, ensuring that the library remains up-to-date and useful.
Tools booking A reservation system specifically for the tools and equipment listed in the Library of Things. It enables users to check tool availability, make reservations, and arrange for pickup or delivery, facilitating the efficient use of shared resources.
Reservation management Offers comprehensive tools for managing all aspects of reservations made through the platform, including booking adjustments, cancellations, and customer communications. This management system ensures that both providers and users can efficiently handle reservations, enhancing the overall service experience.
Help Desk
Features Remarks
Contacts A centralized database for storing and managing contact information for tenants, service providers, employees, and other stakeholders. This feature allows for easy access and communication, facilitating efficient interactions and coordination within the property or facility.
Ticket Register An integrated system for creating, tracking, and resolving service requests, complaints, or maintenance tickets. It enables users to report issues directly through the platform, while property managers can assign tasks to service teams, monitor progress, and communicate updates, ensuring timely resolution of each ticket.
Visitors and Parcel A management feature designed to track and manage the arrival and departure of visitors, as well as the receipt and dispatch of parcels. It enhances security by maintaining a log of all entries and exits, and ensures that parcels are securely stored and promptly delivered to the intended recipients.
Gatekeeper A security and access control feature that manages the entry and exit of individuals and vehicles into the property. It can include digital gate passes, visitor verification, and automated entry systems, ensuring that only authorized persons can access the premises, thereby enhancing the overall security of the property.
Cost Overview
Features Remarks
Condominium Expenses on Budget A financial planning tool designed to estimate future expenses for the maintenance and operation of a condominium. It allows property managers and homeowner associations (HOAs) to forecast annual budgets, considering regular maintenance, utility bills, and potential capital improvements. This feature helps in setting appropriate maintenance fees and planning for financial reserves.
Final Condominium Expenses Provides a detailed breakdown of the actual expenses incurred by the condominium over a specific period, typically at the end of the fiscal year. It compares budgeted amounts against actual spending, highlighting variances and areas of over or under-budget. This transparency aids in financial accountability and assists in future budget planning.
Personal Balance Offers individual residents a personalized view of their financial transactions related to the condominium, including their contributions to maintenance fees, special assessments, and any other charges or credits. This feature allows residents to track their payments, outstanding balances, and refunds, ensuring clarity and accountability in financial dealings with the condominium association.

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