We acknowledge the real estate sector's vital role in developing a sustainable global economy and aim for solution-oriented growth.

Sustainability Report Sustainability Statement
Our principles for sustainable growth

We aim to be proactive in our effort to advance long term value creation.

We prioritise workforce, communities, partners, investors and all other stakeholders to ensure success
We are integrating sustainability into our business strategy and are committed to disclose our social and environmental impacts
By collecting and monitoring sustainability data, we can disclose our performance annually.
Our pillars and commitments: act smart for...
Our organisation
Our organisation, partners and investors
We are committed to holding ourselves to a high standard of integrity and ethical business conduct, and we do so by integrating ESG considerations throughout our value chain and building strong governance practices.
Our planet
We are dedicated to monitoring and reducing our environmental impacts in design, construction, and operations. We'll also report on-site environmental data and greenhouse gas emissions annually.
Our communities
We are dedicated to empowering communities globally through our community development team, enhancing lives with smart solutions and digital services, and improving our social impact monitoring.
Our workforce
We are working towards strengthening our workforce-related data management processes and implementing more inclusive practices.
Holding ourselves to a high standard

Planet Smart City is committed to publishing an annual Sustainability Report guided by the GRI standards. This will ensure our Company’s approach to sustainability is in line with a globally recognised and comparable framework.

This report will include extensive ESG data from across our global operations as well as a Sustainability Plan to outline strategic objectives we are actively working towards.

2022 Sustainability Report
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Global Reporting Initiative

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards will guide and structure our annual sustainability reporting.

Based on our materiality assessment, we identified the GRI disclosures most relevant to our business operations.

We are committed to reviewing our material topics and selected GRI disclosures bi-annually to report more comprehensively over time and improve upon previous performance.

GHG Protocol

We are committed to monitoring and mitigating our negative impacts on climate change and global warming. We will do so by measuring our greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a global emissions reporting best practice initiative.

United Nations Global Compact

We have been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since 2021.

The UNGC is the world’s largest voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative, which requires members to publish an annual Communication on Progress (CoP) that details an organisation’s commitment to and performance against the 10 Principles, categorised as Governance, Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Labour, and Environment. We seek to improve our annual performance by collaborating internally to implement stronger governance processes.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We have identified several SDGs that we may contribute to indirectly through our business operations.

As a result, we are committed to detailing how we may positively advance these goals through our business operations.