About Planet Smart City

Our Mission

We create a smarter planet by fostering communities that respect local cultures and support inclusivity and sustainability. We design, build, and consult on large-scale smart, affordable housing projects worldwide, to tackle the global housing deficit and accelerate real estate innovation using a replicable, scalable model.

Our core values
Dedication to Innovation
About us
About us
About us
We put people first. We work hard to understand our communities and cultures to connect and engage with them at a deeper level.
Dedication to Innovation
We are a visionary Company, innovating new ideas to the world and the industry. Going against the grain is what we do.
Impactful growth
We trust financial success and large-scale change go hand in hand. We want to prosper and inspire others.
Commitment to care
We care about the long-term well-being of our communities. We are laser-focused on offering them opportunities and empowerment.
Mindful leadership
We aim to contribute to the greater good and change the world. We are committed to leading this new sector by setting an example for others.
Authentic compassion
We believe in our work. Because of this, we support each other: others who share our drive and passion.
Our vision
To bring the future to those who need it most.

We aim to disrupt the affordable housing market in emerging economies by nurturing empowered and connected communities, through innovation that enhances the lives of the households within our neighbourhoods.

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Our vision
Our Planet
Our commitment to sustainability

We recognise the crucial roles of the private sector and the construction industry in working towards a sustainable economic model. We are therefore committed to a mission of sustainable development, at a corporate and an operational level as well as with clients.

Our Planet
Our Communities
Our work transforms people's lives

We implement digital solutions and innovative architecture to deliver affordable, future-proof homes in countries that need them.

Through local teams:

Facilitators, collaborators and Community Managers.

Through social impact design:

By creating an intervention model and monitoring the framework.

Through Digital engagement:

Creating digital tools and solutions tailored to our communities.

Our Communities
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team of innovators.

Be part of a team that crosses borders and breaks through barriers to innovation.

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