Our Competence Centre

We work to transform
the built environment

Our Competence Centre focuses on delivering breakthroughs on ESG principles, architectural knowledge, and Proptech solutions.

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We’ve gathered a group of international experts under the same roof to push innovation further and guide our communities into the future.


We enhance the lives of residents by integrating the latest technological solutions in networks, home automation, air quality control, security and much more.

Social Innovation

Our smart neighbourhoods are designed to be socially inclusive and empower citizens to make a difference to their local community.

Planning & Architecture

The integration of architectural solutions enables us to deliver high-quality affordable homes that create communities, relationships, and provide lasting value to local residents.

sistemi tecnologici
Technological systems

The latest innovations in sustainable solutions are integrated into our real estate projects, ensuring neighbourhoods are future-proof.

Social Innovation
Planning & Architecture
Technological Systems
Innovating upon best-in-class practices

Located in Turin, Italy, our centre is a centrally located innovation lab comprising a diverse group of more than 350 architects, engineers, sociologists, communicators, digital experts, and urban planners. By combining their multidisciplinary know-how and expertise, we develop innovative solutions across our four core areas of innovation to create more socially inclusive and enriched communities.

Solving today’s biggest housing challenges requires the latest in creative problem-solving, research, and product development within our four areas of innovation.