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How we use technology to help communities save water in India

Our Three Jewels project, built in collaboration with Kolte Patil developers, is located in Pune’s rapidly expanding, middle-class Kondhwa suburb, which contains residential and commercial properties. Kondhwa is renowned for its proximity to IT business parks, schools, and shopping centres. Since 2017, residents have moved into a vibrant and diverse community where most people count Marathi, Hindi, and English as their native tongues.

However, despite its advantageous location and lively community, the region of Pune is prone to water scarcity due to variable weather patterns, irregular consumption monitoring and a lack of coordination with water tanker deliveries.

litres of water managed
Tanker deliveries recorded
Avg. litres consumed per flat

Instilling responsible water stewardship

We urge our communities to adopt a sustainable and mindful approach to consumption, especially in areas heavily affected by extreme weather conditions and irregular water supply or inefficient usage. In order to address the issues related to water consumption, such as the ones faced by the residents of Three Jewels, we have provided a digital platform called Planet SIM that utilises technology to assist our community members and managers.

Planet SIM is a SaaS Intelligence of Things (IoT) platform for residential complexes, providing a consolidated solution for all activities related to infrastructure management. Integrated into 29 individual residential communities in India in 2022, including Three Jewels, the platform leverages technology to optimise the consumption of utilities such as electricity and water while simultaneously reducing their overall cost.

Utility smartification

Our new app-based solution is a significant improvement from the old manual system. Before, Facility Managers and staff had to climb onto the roof of each apartment block to manually check each tank, determine when it needed refilling, and then descend to the basement to control the pumps to avoid overflowing. Now, with sensors placed in the water tanks, Facility Managers can easily perform these tasks through our app.

The Planet SIM solution helps reduce wastage by preventing tanks from overflowing and promoting ever-more conscious water conservation. This has enabled Three Jewels to reduce the number of daily water tanker deliveries (for example: from 40 to 25 in May-June 2022). With this, the residents have saved an estimated 150,000 litres of water each week (equivalent to monthly savings of 48,000 Indian Rupees) because of our data-driven leak detection, operational optimisation, and consumption oversight and visibility.

App-based control

Our platform provides cost-efficient solutions and allows for efficient management of critical infrastructure through an app connected to IoT sensors. This enables residents, facility managers, and management committees to monitor and manage their residential complexes at a more granular level.

That’s how users like Three Jewels residents can get real-time updates on their resource status, such as water usage and availability, enabling them to live more efficiently and sustainably. In fact, as of August 2023, our digital platform has already helped to manage over 800 million litres of water and monitor deliveries of over 10,000 water tankers in India.

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