São Paulo, Brazil

Project type: smart district
Four developments
2,500 apartments
50 smart solutions
7,000 future residents

The smart district will feature integrated services to enhance residents’ quality of life

Viva!Smart has been designed specifically for the city of São Paulo – the largest city in the Americas by population

Viva!Smart is a typical example of a smart district and combines contemporary and functional design with a wide range of integrated services to enhance residents’ quality of life.

Our inaugural vertical development is being developed and built in partnership with InLoop, a leading Brazilian real estate company known for its high standards.

By adding value to the areas where they are located, our four Viva!Smart developments ‒ Aquarela Bela Vista, Itaquera, Jabaquara and Freguesia do Ó ‒ can provide safe, enjoyable and affordable living for households in one of the world’s most populated cities.

All 2,500 apartments will bring together smart solutions across our four key areas: planning and architecture, technological systems, social innovation, and environment

Viva!Smart outdoor

As well as technologies incorporated into private homes, we will integrate smart solutions in communal areas as part of a large-scale network designed around the smart district concept.

Facilitating a new way of living that meets the needs of residents, our Viva!Smart project represents a unique model for tackling the housing challenge in densely populated urban environments.