Freguesia do Ó

São Paulo, Brazil

Project type: smart building
50 smart solutions
504 apartments
1,010 future residents

Viva!Smart terrace
Rooftop with a view

The capital of São Paulo hosts smart project in Freguesia do Ó

Developed in partnership with InLoop, a leading real estate developer in Brazil, Viva!Smart Freguesia do Ó is designed for those who want a more connected, dynamic and participative lifestyle.

The development is located in one of the most traditional neighbourhoods of São Paulo – predominantly residential and known for its quiet and peaceful atmosphere. 200 metres from the future Freguesia do Ó subway station, it is close to shopping malls, schools, bank branches, pharmacies, supermarkets and gyms.

Viva!Smart Freguesia do Ó will have 504 apartments, each with one or two bedrooms. Apartments come in three models and vary from 30 to 44 square meters in size. The launch took place in December 2020 and the smart building project is expected to be completed in December 2023.

Viva!Smart overview

Innovation in four areas: architecture, environment, technology and people

Viva!Smart Freguesia do Ó will feature a total of 50 smart solutions selected by our Competence Centre in Turin, Italy. Residents will have the support of a Community Manager and free access to the Planet App, our digital platform that connects residents, offers services and provides updates from the neighbourhood.   

There are several leisure and service spaces for residents to relax and socialise with their friends, family and neighbours. Among them are the bookcrossing area, gourmet space, public board of ideas, health space and an area for barbecues and events, as well as fitness and educational games.

Smart solutions for encouraging sustainable practices include community composting, urban gardens, smart LED lighting and collection islands for recycling and waste. There are also other solutions to be implemented such as fun theory, bicycle parking, an equipped dog area, coworking space, playground and smart bench.

Viva!Smart Freguesia do Ó