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Advisory unit project | Smart City Plan for Salerno

Salerno to go smart: smart city plan to improve the lives of residents

The Smart City Plan for Salerno is a programmatic document, a voluntary tool – non-implementing and non-institutionalised – that relates to the Municipal Authority of Salerno as a local legal entity, with appropriate structure and administrative functions to its characteristics and scope.

The thematic approach of the setting and the planning of the political operations that characterise the smart city is structured ‘by policy axes’, defining 6 themes: environment; mobility; citizenship; economy; government and political participation; quality of life.

The Smart City Plan focuses on actions that ensure the efficient use of local natural resources and energy, have a digitally controlled and interconnected infrastructure to achieve robust economic strength, increase its citizens’ quality of life, and have a strong tendency towards both technological and social innovation.

Residential buildings
Smart Actions

Planet Smart City’s Competence Centre has worked alongside EasyGov to propose 41 actions in order to tackle the six themes. Among these actions are the digital management of waste, to tackle the theme of environment, the expansion of the electric public vehicle fleet, to respond to the theme of mobility, and the development of a public crowdfunding platform, to take on the theme of citizenship.

Addressing all themes

The theme of economy is addressed by actions such as digital tools to enhance tourism, the theme of government and political participation is undertaken through actions including the implementation of participatory programmes of innovation, while the theme of quality of life can be seen in actions such as the collaborative management of public greenery.

The confluence of these actions allows for a detailed and structured document, which helps cities play a central role in the strategic development of the European Union, improving the quality of life of its citizens.

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