Sella Nuova, Milan, Italy

Project type: smart district
524 apartments
100 smart solutions
1,500 future residents

Planet Smart City has integrated 100 smart solutions into the Sei Milano smart district

An urban regeneration project, Sei Milano focuses on improving the quality of life of city residents

In collaboration with Borio Mangiarotti, one of Milan’s leading builders, Planet has advised on the integration of 100 smart solutions, including access to the Planet App, into SeiMilano.

Located in a previously neglected area, the development will become a unique and contemporary neighbourhood built around an intelligent urban ecosystem. Collective efforts have returned a section of Milan to citizens and conceived a future-proof smart district.

The new district provides inclusive opportunities – not only for residents but for the surrounding community as well. The comprehensive selection of smart solutions includes video surveillance, smart benches, lockers, bicycle repair columns, SOS poles for emergencies, smart crossings, smart parking, free Wi-Fi and smart lighting systems.

Sun on SeiMilano

We expect SeiMilano’s Central Park to become a valuable city resource, offering an outdoor space for recreation and relaxation. Mario Cucinella Architects have designed the park in conjunction with leading landscaping studio, Michel Desvigne Paysagiste.