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Requalifying Real Estate in Rovereto: Planet Smart City integrates its smart layer in the Ex-Marangoni residential area

Ex-Marangoni in Rovereto is a residential project made up of two social housing buildings, spanning nine and five floors, respectively. The project offers housing opportunities for young adults and families, who will be able to benefit from better fees and a balanced environment, rich with green spaces.

The project has tackled the requalification of the ‘Ex-Marangoni Meccanica’ industrial area, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, a key topic in the area, as the city of Rovereto is home to the headquarters of Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia)

The project has been made possible thanks to the sensibility of the Fondo Housing Sociale Trentino, managed by Finint Investments SGR, which have acquired the two buildings on completion. Planet Smart City has been responsible for the integration of the smart layer within the project.

Smart Solutions

Planet Smart City has proposed and integrated a package of smart solutions, which improve the quality of life of residents, including recharging stations for electric vehicles, an innovative way-finding system, shared living and storage spaces, and a community drinking water dispenser.

Planet’s impact

As part of the strategy to promote environmental sustainability through social innovation, Planet Smart City has designed urban gardens with an integrated, optimised irrigation system alongside a sensitisation campaign conveyed through informative graphics, to incentivise litter recycling.

Among the solutions which propagate the reuse and recycling of everyday objects are the bookcrossing corner and library of things, which reduce the amount of waste produced, and foster community interaction. All the smart solutions implemented are made possible through their integration with Planet App.

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