Information on Cookies

Planet recognizes the importance of privacy for Planet users. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we use cookies and related technologies, such as beacons, pixels, tags and local storage, in order to provide services accessible through our site and our apps. We use these technologies to provide, protect and improve Planet, and to understand and evaluate how you use and interact with us.

This information explains how we use cookies and related technologies on Planet. By accessing or using Planet you consent to our use of these technologies as described in this statement. We invite you not to use Planet if you do not like the way we use cookies and related technologies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file containing a unique identifier that is placed in the web browser of your computer or mobile device. Cookies and related technologies, such as tracer pixels, allow our systems to recognize your device and report information to us. This recognition helps the efficient operation of Planet, including our site and our apps.

Does Planet use cookies?

Yes, like most sites and social networks, we use cookies while we provide our Services.

What cookies does Planet use, and why?

We use both session cookies and permanent cookies.

  • We use a session cookie to identify you during a specific visit to Planet. Session cookies expire after a short period of time or when you close the web browser or app after using Planet.
  • We use a permanent cookie to identify you in the long term (for example, if you asked us to keep you connected, we would use a permanent cookie for this purpose). Persistent cookies remain on your device for the period of time specified in the cookie.

We use cookies to operate and improve Planet, in particular:

  • To authenticate and make our Services secure: we use cookies to monitor login, session and status data. This allows us to know, for example, whether you are connected or not.
  • To store your settings and preferences: we use cookies to recognize your browser and store your preferences. For example, we use cookies to remind us of your language settings.
  • To perform analysis and research: we use cookies to understand your use of Planet and to understand how we can improve our offers. For example, we use cookies to track whether or not you open the e-mails we send to you.
  • Third-party cookies:
    • Facebook: if you register or sign up using Facebook, a Facebook cookie is set up to help us track your access.
    • Google Analytics: we use Google Analytics, including Google Analytics cookies, to collect anonymous traffic data in order to allow us to analyze how members and visitors access and use Planet, and for other Analytics services related to site activity and using the internet (learn more about how Google uses data from Google Analytics here and here.
  • Third-party cookies deriving from content shared by members: Planet members may share content from third-party sites or services on Planet and these third-party sites or services may install their own cookies when interacting with that content. For example, if a member posts a YouTube video on Planet, YouTube may install a cookie when you click to view the video.

Disabling cookies

You can refuse or restrict the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. In any case, restricting or refusing cookies could affect your ability to use Planet. Please note that our systems are not configured to accept ‘Do not track’ browser signals, as no industry standard has been adopted to handle them. If you want to disable the specific third-party cookies, please consult the website or the privacy policy of these third parties, as well as the settings on your browser’s cookies.

Changes to this information

Our activity changes constantly and our cookie policy will also change, so please check it frequently. If the change to our information is substantial, we will take appropriate measures to communicate these changes in advance.


If you have any questions about how we use cookies, please contact us at the following address:

Planet Holding Ltd
2nd floor, Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square, Mayfair
London, W1J 6BE – United Kingdom
+44 207 8874525


Last updated: December 28, 2018