Our work transforms people’s lives

Our purpose is to give more people access to high-quality infrastructure, smart homes, technology and shared services so that they can build sustainable communities. We know this will have a transformational impact on the wellbeing and prosperity of individuals, families and future generations.

The playground at Smart City Laguna, the world’s first affordable smart city currently under construction in Ceará, Brazil

The impact we make is in four key areas:


We set new standards in the affordable housing market, leading and shaping an innovative approach for smart development.


We build, connect and empower communities to build better lives for the people who live in them.


In 2021 we defined a roadmap for the compliance with ESG criteria and within three years we intend to submit our data to GRESB, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, measuring management and development components.


We create sustainable returns and recurring revenue based on sound business and governance practices while creating positive social impact and reducing our environmental footprint.

Protecting the environment

We have identified key areas where we can have a positive environmental impact, and these are being addressed through our best practice guidelines and Construction Masterplan process.


40km Installed at Smart City Laguna;
10km Installed at Smart City Aquiraz;
3km Installed at Smart City Natal.


7,480,000m2 excavation material such as soil that will be reused in Smart City Laguna, Natal and Aquiraz.


300 Native tree will be replanted at Smart City Laguna.


65,000m2 of permeable pavement will increase water infiltration at Smart City Natal.


90,000m3 of storm water can be stored in the lagoon at Smart City Laguna.


Building strong communities

To strengthen the communities within our Smart District, Planet developed an integrated system to measure, track and assess the positive impact and success of our social programs. The set of ten key wellbeing indicators will play an integral role to enable four fundamental outcomes for families in our Smart District.

Community governance

Community autonomy

Community vitality

Social diversity

Gender equality

Participatory activation

Platform engagement

Service co-creation rate

Employability​ skills rate

Family expenses​ reduction

Our Community Managers support residents and help the community thrive

At the heart of our smart projects are our dedicated Community Managers. They play a vital role in empowering our communities to take advantage of the tools available to them and co-create their neighbourhood for the greater good of everyone.

Erica Sousa

Elena Fabris

Jaqueline Rabello

We provide the tools to transform lives and inspire people to dream big

Find out what our communities have to say about us:

Claudenice Ferreira, owner of the Caipiras Fashion salon at Smart City Laguna, Brazil.

Luciana Uchoa, resident of Smart City Laguna, Brazil.

Sound governance

Strong and effective governance is an essential ingredient of our strategy and provides the oversight,
structure and culture needed to establish the goals of our organization, the means to pursue them and the
ability to understand any associated risks. Planet Smart City’s Board provides oversight of the strategy and carries out governance responsibilities to support management in achieving strategy and business objectives.

Maintaining good governance requires rigorous controls. We are constantly developing and updating policies, procedures and controls to ensure both legal compliance and exemplary behaviour and support good decision-making.

We align our business to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We have identified key ESG aspects where we can​ make the greatest impact. In particular, we have identified the nine out of 17 UN SDGs, which are most aligned with our vision.​ In addition, in 2020 we also became a UN Global Compact signatory.​

Quality Education

Planet Institute, our non-profit arm in​ Brazil, has provided courses and free learning opportunities to 10,000 people – both residents and the wider community.​

Gender Equality

We give women access to financial as well​ as health services. We empower them to​ become homeowners and they are often​ the first in their families to do so.

Clean Water and Sanisation

Our smart cities include large lagoons for​ water storage. At Laguna, a new 15km​ pipeline will connect homes to the public​ water grid.​

Affordable and Clean Energy

Our sites use low-energy lighting. We have​ tested solar energy and smart street​ lighting at Laguna, where 882 efficient​ lamps have been installed.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We promote matchmaking platforms for​ services such as carpooling and babysitting​ via the Planet App.

Reduced Inequalities

Our Innovation Hubs are the first buildings to be built on our sites. Through them we deliver a wide range of educational programmes for residents and surrounding communities.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Smart City Laguna includes an efficient​ 32km road network, while Universe in India​ boasts 40 vehicle-free acres.

Responsile Consumption and Production

In the Cesano Boscone district, Italy, our community compost bin aims to improve the local average of organic collection to over 350 tonnes per year.

Partnership for the Goals

Planet has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UN-Habitat to provide services to communities in some of the most densely populated areas of Africa through access to the Planet App.

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