European Digitalization Group – EFL 2022 | Turin, Italy
4 April 2022

European Digitalization Group – EFL 2022 | Turin, Italy

Our company hosted in its Turin HQ the European Digitalization Group meeting, topic group of the European Federation for Living (EFL).
​​​​​​​Two intense days full of exchanges and new ideas focused on the theme of digitalization in affordable housing, with particular attention to energy consumption.
The level of the discussions was very fruitful among all participants and oriented to make a difference in the short term towards the digitalization of the real estate sector.
Watch the video to see what happened during the two days.


A big thanks to all participants!

#BreakTheBias | International Women’s Day 2022
8 March 2022

#BreakTheBias | International Women’s Day 2022

It was on the 8th of March 1908 when hundreds of women workers led a historic demonstration in Manhattan, USA’s Rutgers Sq.  to demand their right to vote. Subsequently, Women’s day was celebrated each year albeit on varying dates until 1922, when Lenin declared that March 8th should be designated officially as Women’s day. It is a moment for all of us to reflect on and celebrate the strides made in women empowerment globally.

More than 100 years later despite social and economic evolutions, women are still finding themselves in concrete jungle battlefields, hustling and grinding to justify and validate their place.

Gender biases and stereotypes have been deeply ingrained in our society, Gender inequity – real and perceived – still exists in the modern workplace. Despite social and economic evolutions, women are still finding themselves in concrete jungle battlefields, working their way up to justify and validate their place at work. The theme for Women’s Day this year is #BreakTheBias and at Planet Smart City, we salute the powerful women who have made contributions in every way they can.

We are proud to launch our very own podcast and the first episode on taking our voices louder and wider into the world.

Tune in to Planet Smart City’s Break the Bias Podcast show this International Women’s Day to catch Susanna unfiltered sharing her story and importance of inclusivity, respect and embracing your own happiness than conforming to societal norms!

Smart technology that brings people together
7 October 2021

Smart technology that brings people together

In a new film series, Housing Europe showcases the forward-thinking social and affordable housing initiatives that are changing the game across Europe. 

Produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, this exploratory online video series uncovers the powerful stories of innovation and community in the social, cooperative, public and community-led housing sector. 

The last years has seen an exacerbation of housing problems across Europe, but it has also brought with it an awareness of what is really essential and what binds us together as humans. With renewed commitment, the sector is now more than ever, focused on delivering quality, affordable and sustainable housing for all in the wake of Covid-19. 

Produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions – the commercial content division of BBC Global News, Building Communities is an exciting new online film series, designed to showcase the benefits of forward-thinking social housing initiatives and challenge the persistent misconceptions around social mixing and housing quality. Through diverse voices and innovative organisations, Building Communities tells the stories of people from different walks of life living in social and affordable housing. 

Our film will look to explore two key social and societal issues – inclusivity and opportunity within the context of the affordable housing market in Europe and beyond.   

It is well documented that health, well-being and prosperity are inextricably linked to access to housing. Housing creates neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods become the foundations of community – the cornerstone on which safety, security and the beginning of a better quality of life is born.   For Planet Smart City access to housing is not enough. It is the combination of modern infrastructure, enabled by better technology in particular, and the neighbourhood environment that is enabled and created as a result that can achieve more. Planet Smart City communities are places are full of hope and opportunity. They are places that democratise access to a better and lasting future.  For us, this goes beyond building a simple better quality of life but is about empowerment, enabling better economic and social inclusivity and ultimately creating sustainable generational value. We do this by providing a service beyond the sale of individual property and land through our proprietary digital platform, services and app that enable and support truly sustainable communities. 

Building Communities launched on on 16 June at Housing Europe’s Social Housing Film Festival and will run for 12 months. 

Watch now our brand film and join the conversation on social media via the #BuildingCommunities #planetsmartcity hashtag.

Planet Smart City expands global footprint with North American project
19 July 2021

Planet Smart City expands global footprint with North American project

Planet Smart City has announced its expansion into North America with the launch of 324 new rental apartments, and 11,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, in partnership with international real estate developers Palladium Group in Little Elm, Texas.

Work on the project, named The District, builds on the existing partnership between Planet and Palladium, which has seen the successful regeneration of Quartiere Giardino in Milan, Italy. With expertise in construction, Palladium Group will employ local workforces to build the properties. Planet is providing both capital and expertise for the project and will integrate a variety of smart solutions to enhance services available to residents and improve quality of life.

Smart solutions will include: the Planet App, a community app where residents can interact with the smart solutions and shared services available in the neighbourhood; an Innovation Hub, a space equipped with resources, tools and technologies to enable residents to thrive; as well as community management, a team dedicated to understanding community needs and co-creating events, courses and activities.

The project 4.69 hectares land, located in Denton County- part of the fourth fastest growing real estate market in North America and Canada, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – in Little Elm is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Texas, with an estimated population of more than 55,000. Like many other cities in North America, due to a lack of supply and increasing rental prices, there is a pressing need for affordable housing solutions.

The launch of apartments in Little Elm will help address the housing deficit by offering new, smart enabled homes for an average of US $1,300 per month. With projects in Brazil, India and Italy, the launch of Little Elm signals the latest advancement in Planet’s mission to solve the global affordable housing challenge. Having raised circa US $190 million to date, the Planet Group’s ambitious global growth plans foresee the sale of 44,500 housing units by 2025.

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Planet Smart City creates exclusive platform with Kolte-Patil Developers to launch 15,000 housing units*
16 July 2021

Planet Smart City creates exclusive platform with Kolte-Patil Developers to launch 15,000 housing units*

Planet Smart City, the global leader in smart affordable housing, is pleased to announce the extension of its exclusive partnership with Pune-based Kolte-Patil Developers, a leading real-estate player, to propel Planet’s Indian business over the next 3 years. The expansion will focus on a collaborative residential development platform consisting of projects and homes that promote aspirational living with digital and social innovation-led smart solutions to enable a better living experience for residents.

Building upon the success of its first co-development in Pune, ‘Universe’, Planet and Kolte-Patil plan to add several projects to the platform over the next three years in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru with an aim to co-develop a minimum of 15,000 housing units*. With a growing population, India currently has one of the top five most pronounced housing shortages in the world. Every minute, 30 people migrate from rural to urban India. In 2011, only 30% of India’s population lived in urban areas, however, this percentage is expected to go up to 40% and the number of people living in Indian cities is expected to reach a whopping 630 million by 2030.

Outside of the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, the pair will also look to identify other opportunities for co-development over the medium-term.  Urbanisation particularly intensifies the already large demand for affordable housing. The Smart City concept and the latest macro-trends such as PropTech are key to be able to decouple growth and environmental impact in Asian cities, aiming at meeting ESG criteria and a good quality of life for citizens in highly dense urban settlements.

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Planet Smart City and Enel X launch strategic partnership
2 March 2021

Planet Smart City and Enel X launch strategic partnership

Planet Smart City has signed an international agreement with Enel X, the Enel Group business line dedicated to innovative energy services.

Supporting Planet’s projects in Brazil, Enel X will provide a variety of IoT-enabled products and services, including intelligent streetlights and smart home devices. The partnership with Enel X is an important strategic agreement for Planet, helping deliver its ambitious plans to launch 44,500 housing units by 2025.

The devices provided by Enel X will enable a range of value-adding services, leveraged by Planet to strengthen engagement among the communities and enhance the lives of its residents. Moreover, by providing access to these products at scale, the partnership with Enel X will enable Planet to maintain the efficient development of smart communities at a low cost to residents.

In addition, through YouUrban, the strategic platform used across Enel X’s smart city projects, Planet will have access to data-driven analytics showcasing interactions between its solutions and residents. This will enable Planet to better tailor its solutions to strengthen community engagement.

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