In a new film series, Housing Europe showcases the forward-thinking social and affordable housing initiatives that are changing the game across Europe. 

Produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, this exploratory online video series uncovers the powerful stories of innovation and community in the social, cooperative, public and community-led housing sector. 

The last years has seen an exacerbation of housing problems across Europe, but it has also brought with it an awareness of what is really essential and what binds us together as humans. With renewed commitment, the sector is now more than ever, focused on delivering quality, affordable and sustainable housing for all in the wake of Covid-19. 

Produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions – the commercial content division of BBC Global News, Building Communities is an exciting new online film series, designed to showcase the benefits of forward-thinking social housing initiatives and challenge the persistent misconceptions around social mixing and housing quality. Through diverse voices and innovative organisations, Building Communities tells the stories of people from different walks of life living in social and affordable housing. 

Our film will look to explore two key social and societal issues – inclusivity and opportunity within the context of the affordable housing market in Europe and beyond.   

It is well documented that health, well-being and prosperity are inextricably linked to access to housing. Housing creates neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods become the foundations of community – the cornerstone on which safety, security and the beginning of a better quality of life is born.   For Planet Smart City access to housing is not enough. It is the combination of modern infrastructure, enabled by better technology in particular, and the neighbourhood environment that is enabled and created as a result that can achieve more. Planet Smart City communities are places are full of hope and opportunity. They are places that democratise access to a better and lasting future.  For us, this goes beyond building a simple better quality of life but is about empowerment, enabling better economic and social inclusivity and ultimately creating sustainable generational value. We do this by providing a service beyond the sale of individual property and land through our proprietary digital platform, services and app that enable and support truly sustainable communities. 

Building Communities launched on on 16 June at Housing Europe’s Social Housing Film Festival and will run for 12 months. 

Watch now our brand film and join the conversation on social media via the #BuildingCommunities #planetsmartcity hashtag.