Residents of Quartiere Giardino can now take advantage of a new sustainable service: electric car-sharing by E-Vai. E-Vai’s shared mobility system has a low environmental impact and helps eliminate the cost of owning a private car for residents.

Quartiere Giardino, a residential complex on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, is home to 5,000 residents whose lives have been revitalised through the integration of digital, environmental and social smart solutions. To date, 20 smart solutions have been integrated into the project, including a Community Manager, Library of Things, shared community spaces, bookcrossing services and our proprietary digital platform, the Planet App. 

The smart district now has its own fully electric car to be shared among residents. In collaboration with E-Vai, we are offering the community a practical and cost-effective mobility solution through the Planet App. Electric cars are also far more sustainable than fossil-fuelled vehicles, emitting up to 55% less CO than a petrol car and up to 40% less than a diesel vehicle. 

We are featuring a new promotion in the promo section of the Planet App. Until 31st July 2021, residents are being offered two hours of free travel on their first use of the vehicle, as well as a 30% discount on subsequent trips.

“At Planet Smart City we believe that sharing is the key to transforming the communities we live in. By sharing, we save money on a daily basis and feel part of something bigger, creating relationships with the people around us,” says Ilaria Rapaccini, Quartiere Giardino’s Community Manager.

Planet Smart City has been working on the urban regeneration project together with Palladium Group, an international leader in the real estate market, since 2018.