Our Co-founder and Brazil CEO, Susanna Marchionni, explores how Planet’s high-quality affordable development, Smart City Aquiraz, is designed and built to make dreams come true.

One of the greatest dreams for anyone is to own their own home a place for the family to feel safe and happy. At Planet, we do more than just build affordable houses. Our mission is to create high-quality neighbourhoods and thriving communities where residents have everything they need to lead fuller, more integrated and happier lives.

Many people believe that a beautiful house has to be expensive, but this is not the case. Our challenge is to prove that with good taste, planning and imagination, you can have a fantastic house without spending too much money.

Façade of the Artemis house in Smart City Aquiraz

Façade of the Artemis house in Smart City Aquiraz

All of the houses we build in Brazil can be bought as part of the Minha Casa Minha Vida (‘My Home My Life’) programme. Not only are they within most people’s reach, they are beautiful, innovative, well planned and well built. They are also smart, with high-quality infrastructure, services and technology that enriches lives.

Our vision is that people do not simply buy houses, they buy all the services around them. Those who purchase a Planet home benefit from a package of smart solutions such as shared kitchens, cinemas, libraries, coworking spaces, outdoor gyms and urban gardens – all free and open to everyone.

House models in Smart City Aquiraz

At Smart City Aquiraz in Brazil, everything we have chosen for the design of each home has personality and conveys a message. Named after goddesses of mythology, the three types of houses we are launching are heavily influenced by concepts of art and culture.

Living area in our Iris house at Smart City Aquiraz

Living area in our Iris house at Smart City Aquiraz

Our Iris houses are inspired by the Rainbow Goddess who unites the earth and the sky. Each is 53.37 square metres in size and has two bedrooms and a bathroom. 

We then have our Luna houses, which refers to the Goddess of the Moon. These houses are set across 65.08 square metres and have three bedrooms, one of them with an en-suite, and two bathrooms. 

We also have Artemis, in honour of the Goddess of Wildlife and Hunting, which is 58.45 square metres in size and features two bedrooms, one with an en-suite, and two bathrooms. All models also have a living room, kitchen, service area and balcony.

The idea is to have different types of houses that potential residents can choose from. For example, our Iris house is more compact, with bold and modern architecture. The decoration and the garden are Japanese-inspired. Then we have a totally different house, Luna, which is more classic and romantic, with a garden inspired by a secret Renaissance garden. We also have the Artemis house, which has a modern finish with flowers and fashionable colours.

Living area in our Artemis house at Smart City Aquiraz

Living area in our Artemis house at Smart City Aquiraz

We use design features such as mirrors, wallpapers and contrasting colours to create bold, enchanting looks. Low-cost techniques are used for visual effects, such as the stencil we have used to decorate the bamboo in the garden of the Iris house. Our concept is to offer options that can be easily reproduced by buyers.

Everything that is seen in the decorated houses is available in our digital application, the Planet App. People can see where we buy the items and how much they cost. If it’s something we do internally, they can watch the videos or manuals on how to do it. 

To complete the sensory experience, we perfume each house with a different scent. Ultimately, we want everyone who visits to feel that our houses are places they want to relax, spend time with their family in and to call home.

Susanna Marchionni
Co-founder and Brazil CEO
Planet Smart City

Susanna Marchionni is Brazil CEO and co-founded the company in 2015 alongside Global CEO Giovanni Savio. She has 25 years of experience in the real estate market and is the driving force in Brazil, where she is responsible for the company’s expansion.