To be competitive and address new market needs, real estate operators must be able to innovate, anticipating new trends. IoT, digital platforms, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart grids, building information modelling and materials science are new challenges that represent great opportunities.

We have strengthened our ability to harness such opportunities thanks to a new partnership with AI Engineering (AI), an engineering and design company based in Turin, Italy. Since the 1970s, AI has secured great experience both in Italy and internationally and has intervened in various sectors, offering technical assistance in the design, planning and implementation of complex and innovative works for both public and private clients. Its approach utilises the most advanced technologies in the design field and is increasingly focused on sustainability.

The partnership consolidates the innovative approach of the world-first Competence Centre in two main areas. On the one hand, AI Engineering supports Planet in the design of the infrastructure for its real estate projects, starting with Smart City Bahia, the fourth smart city in Brazil to be launched in 2021. On the other hand, the synergy contributes to the development of a Competence Centre that innovates in real estate, combining AI’s legacy with Planet’s smart city research and innovation.

A new website illustrating the value proposition of the proptech partnership has recently gone online. The aim is for Planet and AI to become a reference in Italy as a company that supports large real estate developers in the integration of innovations and measures to increase resilience.

Find out more on the dedicated website.