Hosting over 120,000 residents, San Salvario, Mirafiori Sud, and Barriera di Milano in Turin, Italy, which now enjoy the benefits of the Planet App – our proprietary digital platform, have also gained Community Managers who are working closely with the Casa di Quartiere neighbourhood associations in each district. 

San Salvario and Barriera di Milano are managed by our Community Manager, Sara Medici, while Imma di Santo takes care of the Mirafiori Sud district. They support residents on a daily basis, grasping their needs and co-creating a path of involvement and participation thanks to the Planet App – our digital platform that allows residents to stay updated on everything that happens in the neighbourhood.

Continued development is now taking place in collaboration with the existing Casa del Quartiere neighbourhood associations in San Salvario, Public Baths via Agliè in Barriera di Milano and Casa del Parco in Mirafiori Sud – who promote the work of the Community Managers and the Planet App.

Open to citizens of all ages, the Casa di Quartiere neighbourhood associations are public spaces that aim to stimulate and facilitate active citizenship through different initiatives: from cultural events and counselling desks to catering services, workshops and courses.

Qualified staff working in each house are ready to help the community and transform individuals’ ideas into concrete services and real projects. We interviewed the managers of the three neighbourhood associations, who explained their day to day role in more detail and how they are working with our Community Managers. Find out more in the video below.

Getting to know the communities

San Salvario is a historic district located southeast of the centre of Turin and is home to around 35,000 inhabitants. In recent years, it has represented an engine for social and cultural innovation, and social experimentation in the area.

Located in the north of Turin, Barriera di Milano hosts approximately 50,000 inhabitants. Historically a working-class village, today it has the highest level of foreign residents in the country, as well as a dense fabric of economic activities and collaborative cultural practices.

Mirafiori Sud, a vast district on the southern outskirts of Turin, has 38,000 inhabitants and is known for its history as the location of the FIAT automobile industrial plant in the twentieth century. Urban regeneration interventions continue to contribute to the growth of opportunities and services in the district.