Alan brings a wealth of experience using digitalisation to transform businesses and leading policy discussions on how societies can take advantage of the integration of technology into our day-to-day life.

He served as head of technology, media and digital at the World Economic Forum (WEF), sitting on the organisation’s executive committee and managing a US $55 million practice. Prior to his role at WEF, Alan worked as Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Symbol Technology, a Motorola company, driving the company’s expansion into new markets.

Alan will now leverage this experience to support Planet Smart City’s mission to provide smart affordable housing that places community-focused services at its heart. In particular, Alan will explore how data analytics can be used to enhance the lives of residents through more effective hyper-local services.

In his new role, he will look at ways to optimise the Planet App, the company’s free downloadable platform allowing residents to interact with everything in the smart neighbourhood.

Alan’s aim will be to use this innovative tool to boost community interaction and offer a more diverse set of services to local people and businesses. He will also use his expertise to identify further ways data analytics and digital technology can be used to drive valuable efficiencies in Planet’s development of affordable housing.

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