The creators of Smart City Laguna, the Planet Smart City group, will participate in August in two important events that will be held in Sao Paulo.

The first of which is the 13th Adit Invest, a conference focused on real estate and tourism investments and is promoted by the Association for the real estate sector and tourism development in Brazil. The second being the 2018 Secovi Convention which is promoted by the São Paulo Housing Union, the largest real estate trade union in Latin America.

The CEO of Planet, Giovanni Savio, will speak at the 13th Adit Invest on Thursday 23rd August at 3:10 pm, with a speech titled “Challenges and opportunities in fundraising for initiatives focused on social issues and the environment”.

The CEO of Planet in Brazil, Susanna Marchionni, will sit on the panel at 11:30 am, titled “What is the interest of the financial market for housing and community development projects and what lessons have been learned from the crisis?”.

The 2018 Secovi Convention will be held on Tuesday 28th August with the participation of Susanna Marchionni, who will sit on the panel titled “The challenge of living well”.

The events are open to the public following registration.

Events Planet will participate in

13th Adit Invest – Thursday 23 August
AMCHAM – Rua da Paz, 1431 – Chácara Santo Antônio – SP

11:30 – 13:00 – Room 2 – Panel with the Planet CEO in Brazil, Susanna Marchionni.
Panel topic: What is the interest of the financial market for housing and community development projects and what lessons have been learned from the crisis?

3.10 – 3.30 pm – Room 2 – Conference with the CEO of Planet Giovanni Savio.
Conference theme: Challenges and opportunities to raise funds for initiatives focused on social issues and the environment


2018 Secovi Convention – Tuesday 28 August
Held at the headquarters of Secovi-SP – Rua Dr. Bacelar, 1.043, Vila Clementino, São Paulo

11am – 12.15 pm – Panel with the CEO of Planet Brazil, Susanna Marchionni.
Conference theme: The challenge of living well.


Smart City Laguna

Based on the concept of “Living beyond living”, the Planet group is building Smart City Laguna, the world’s first social smart city. The project is located within the metropolitan area of ​​Fortaleza, São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE), and includes participation from the group’s English and Italian subsidiaries. The Brazilian company SG Desenvolvimento is responsible for the following: construction, integrating innovations, technology, sustainability, modern urban planning, and smart mobility. The objective is to ensure that clients are offered affordable housing which also provides a high standard of living. Multinational companies such as Tim, Enel, Samsung, Arup and Urmet are also collaborating with the development of the Laguna.

The Smart City will have a total area of ​​330 hectares, equal to about 620 thousand square meters. It will consist of about 7,000 lots and offer residents plenty of green areas throughout the community. At the completion date of the first phase of construction, January 2018, 1808 lots had been sold. As of August 2018, 2,700 lots have already been sold. Midway through 2018 the development of the first 50 homes began at the smart city. Lastly, Smart City Laguna makes use of the Planet app, a kind of control panel for the smart city. Residents can download the app for devices that use Android or iOS for free. After registration, users have access to all of the city’s services.

13º Adit Invest

This annual conference focuses on real estate and tourism investments and brings together entrepreneurs and investors. The event facilitates the meeting between the financial sector and the real estate market and raises funds for the development of businesses and companies. Over the years, Adit Invest has become the principal forum where large and small companies from all over Brazil identify the main trends and investment opportunities in the sector and develop new projects and contact networks.

Convention Secovi 2018

It includes panels and lectures dedicated to “Transformation”, which give voice to ideas that define a new vision for different areas of the real estate market. Convention participants will have the opportunity to learn how these ideas have resulted in innovative products and promising business models.