On 2nd and 3rd August, Planet Idea’s president, Giovanni Savio, and Commercial Director, Susanna Marchionni, attended Conecta Imobi 2017 in Sao Paulo.

They discussed how the Smart City Laguna project began and how its construction was progressing. When completed it will be the first social smart city in the world. This project will provide much-needed housing in response to local economic development and growth in the region of São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE).

Conecta Imobi is organised by VivaReal and is considered the largest real estate conference in Latin America. The 4th edition of Coneta Imobi focused on the latest trends in the real estate market from technology, to marketing and sales. More than 3,000 professionals from all over Brazil attended. Over the two days, representatives from different sectors shared their success stories and various workshops and events were held.

For Giovanni Savio, the event was of paramount importance: “The first social smart city in the world is seen as a robust business for both buyers and sellers. In 15 months, we sold 1,458 lots. The value of residential lots increased by 106% and the value of commercial lots increased by 191%.”

According to Susanna Marchionni, the event was a great opportunity to share with the world the creation of the first social smart city.

“This city is not only designed and constructed with the latest infrastructure technologies but will have an important social aspect, as the Instituto Planet will be involved in the city’s structure. Social inclusion is a fundamental part of this project,” she says.